Ash Richards - Dinner

Natalie kept... very quiet for the next day and she didn't go out. It worried me but its not like I could take her out. I would be having my first physio therapy session tomorrow but tonight I would have to deal with the awkwardness of Mollie being round.

I was trying to get my trousers on when I heard the knock from downstairs. The next moment Natalie was in my room. When she saw me struggling she came over and tried to help. "You should of called me" she muttered focusing on getting my jeans on before finally looking at me. Her eyes were so... dead of life or it could of been like she was holding something back.

"I need to learn to do things on my own" I said standing up and doing up the zip. 

"Not for the moment" she sighed worried helping me as I began to walk. I shook my head and leant into her.

"There are other ways you could help me" I grinned at her holding her waist. Natalie flushed and before she could speak I kissed her. She hesitated but then kissed back placing her hands against my chest awkwardly. I began to tighten my grip on her waist which is when she flinched away. "Is something wrong?" I frowned as she tugged at the scarf round her neck.

"I knocked my hip on the table downstairs" she said embarrassed which made me grin cheekily and pull her back gently.

I kissed her cheek. "What are you and me gonna do, eh?" I laughed before letting her go and holding her hand. "Ready for dinner?"

She sighed and shook her head. She looked at me fiddling with her sleeve. "I wouldn't say I was ready to face your ex but I guess we have no choice huh?" I frowned and stroked her cheek with my thumb.

"Just be nice okay?"

She raised an eyebrow at me when my mum called us. "Ash" she yelled. "Mollie's here. Hurry up"

Both me and Natalie sighed at the same time which made her flush and me laugh before I pulled her out the room. We headed downstairs to find Mollie with my mum who was smiling very brightly. She hadn't smiled like that in a while and Natalie tensed cause I know she hadn't seen that smile.

"Oh here he is" my mum smiled then glanced at Natalie. "And surely you've met Natalie when you visited him"

Mollie barely looked at Natalie and shared her looks between me and my mum. "Yeah I did even though it was a brief visit"

"Well, the chicken is almost ready how about we sit at the table" my mum said leading us over. Natalie moved to sit next to me but Mollie was already taking that seat. I glanced at Natalie dismayed who shook her head and sat opposite me. "I'll go fetch the food"

My mother left leaving us all in an awkward silence which is when Mollie turned to me. "Gosh this is all so familiar" she smiled sheepishly. "Remember the first time I came round for dinner"

"Yeah, my mother made chicken" I muttered.

Mollie giggled and leant on her arm flicking a sharp look at Natalie before looking back at me. "I was more thinking about after the dinner... how I stayed over"

I looked over at Natalie worried and saw she was shooting daggers at Mollie who completely ignored her. Mollie kept her eyes completely on me. "That was years ago" I merely said which cause Mollie to sit back and Natalie to settle down.

This was going to be very hard keeping the peace.

The End

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