Ash Richards - Leaving Hell

Leaving the hospital was like hell because the food was horrid and I had no freedom. I did get to have a bath though. 

Luckily I had no broken ribs but my hip had been knocked pretty bad meaning I was walking with a limp. My face was also quite bruised but apparently according to Natalie looks didn't matter to her and I was fine.

"Welcome home" Natalie muttered as she walked in behind me to my room and put my bag down for me. 

"Thank you" I said pulling her to me and leaning down to kiss me. She pulled away though and at first I saw fear but it was quickly replaced by worry. "What's wrong? Have I done something?"

"No, Ash... Its just your hurt. Look, just settle and I'll get you a cup of tea" she rushed before quickly leaving the room. I frowned but shrugged it off. Maybe it was cause I was injured. It also might have been the fact that Adam had gotten to me and that had scared her.

Dropping onto my bed I rubbed my hip and stared at the floor. What I had done was very stupid now that I looked back on it. Like I'd said before though I couldn't just stand aside and do nothing.

I looked up hopefully to see Natalie entering my room but it was my mum with a smile on her face. "I told Natalie to run herself a bath and then you one" she said handing me my cup of tea. 

"Thanks mum" I smiled sheepishly. Then bit my lip hesitantly. "Do you know where Natalie went that time while I was in hospital?"

"No, dear" my mum smiled patting my shoulder. "Don't start getting paranoid about anything though" she told me before she left me in my room. "Oh and Mollie is coming to dinner tomorrow night"

I froze and would have replied had my mother not left the room that moment. I shook my head annoyed. Great, that was gonna end well.

The End

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