Natalie Brooks - Hushed

I watched Ash's eyes follow Mollie as she left the room with an expression of concern in them but I couldn't help but feel a slight sting seeing that. Maybe, he really was meant to be with her rather than me. After all, there was nothing special about me was there?

"You don't like her?" His voice had me snap back to reality and I found him looking at me intensely. He knew the answer to his question yet he asked. I replied with a question of my own, "Should I have a reason to?"

Ash pursed his lips and didn't say anything. Even if he was going to, luckily enough he didn't have a chance as a nurse came in with his meal. Setting it down on his table-side, she left without a word, knowing I would help him with it.

I arranged the food onto one of the plates and tried not to make the face when I realized how dull it must be, eating by what the hospital had to give you which usually wasn't that good at all.

I instead, resulted in thinking about what had happened while I had left the hospital. The left side of my hip still ached, a reminder of the events that had unfolded which would be kept a secret. Because if I told Ash...I wasn't sure what would happen.


I remembered where he lived. Remembered, because he dragged me there one night to hurt me after another 'coincidental' encounter in the city. So it was easy for me to barge into his unlocked apartment, with angry words bubbling on the tip of my tongue.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I shouted at Adam, who (not to my surprise) was seated in the open living room, watching television as if he hadn't gravely injured my boyfriend the night before.

"Oh. It's nice to be seeing you again," Adam said, turning off the television and then getting up to walk over to me. Except I didn't feel scared. My fury had taken over any possibility of another emotion I could feel for Adam.

"You hurt Ash," I hissed, glaring up into his dark eyes.

"Only because he deserved it. Thinking he could have you." He smiled innocently, taking another step closer towards me. "He should know better than to steal away someone else's property."

"I'm no longer yours Adam," I said, rooted to my spot with my hands forming fists by my side.

"Whether you like to admit it or not: you always will be."

And before I could even attempt at stopping him, he pushed me hard against the wall, one side of my hip hitting a table with an impact I knew would cause a bruise to form.

Then, Adam started again from where he'd left it off last time: kissing me.

The End

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