Ash Richards - Nervous

"Hi" Natalie's voice came all timid. I looked up to see her fresh and changed. She tugged on the sleeve of the shirt which I realised was mine. It almost made me smile but I felt so guilty.

"Hey" I coughed. "About earlier-"

"It doesn't matter" Natalie quickly said then flushed coming over. She was about to sit on the chair when I reached out and tugged her onto the bed with me. She gasped sharply and looked at me worried. "Ash, you're hurt"

"I need to hold you" I muttered. "Let me feel like I did protect you"

Her face flashed with realisation. "Is that what this was all about?" she said angrily. "You went and found him on purpose!"

I bit my lip. "Natalie, I couldn't just do nothing"

"Yes, you could have" she said tearing up. "Because then you wouldn't be here and neither me or your mum would be worrying you about you so much"

Hurt hit me in the chest because I'd done this for her. I'd put myself in the firing line to keep Adam away from her. I reach out and grasp her chin making her look in my eyes. "I'd do it all over again to keep you safe" I said roughly then leaned across to kiss her passionately not carrying about my bruised ribs or broken leg. I just wanted to kiss and hold her never letting go.

The End

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