Natalie Brooks - Breaking Orders

Ash's mom urged me along to go home with her so I could freshen up. Since i'd stayed the night over, I was still in the same clothes as the previous night and wasn't all that 'fresh looking'. And so I left, knowing that Ash needed some space too.

Was he really ashamed just because Adam had won the fight in the bar? I guess it was some kind of male-ego that I'll never get yet I couldn't help but puzzle over it all the way back home and in the shower. 

I wanted to get back to the hospital quick, knowing that Ash probably didn't want to see me. But I had to see him. 

I got changed into a fresh new faded-blue jeans and white button down shirt. It was actually one of Ash's that I'd mixed with my clothes, but maybe they might give me a little bit of an advantage to calming him down.

Catching a cab, I went back to the hospital and in no time was in front of Ash's room door again. My hand was curled around the doorknob. Maybe I really shouldn't see him..he'd requested that. But we'd have to talk sooner or later...

Sighing, I opened the door and stepped in with a smile on my face. "Hi."

The End

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