Ash Richards - Being in Hospital

I felt like an idiot. I'd let that ass beat me up when I was meant to be going there to protect Natalie. To show her that she didn't have to be scared of him anymore. I think she was even more terrified now. When the police showed up though I didn't hesitate in filing charges.

Natalie seemed worry about that though and was bouncing in her seat the entire time the police was there. 

"He needs to be caught, Nat" I said to her once they'd left. She shook her head and looked away with teary eyes and hugging her stomach. "Nat, please"

"I brought cake" came my mothers sing song voice as she flowed into the room with a clearly worried look on her face. She placed it on the side. "I baked it myself. Would you both have a slice?" she asked cutting it before either of us said yes.

The moment Natalie took a bite she relaxed. My mothers cake had that effect but you only saw them when she was all panicky. That was the only time she baked because she needed something to do.

"I'm fine, mum" I said when she tried to feed me cake. "I'm not really all that hungry"

"But you have to eat in hospital. We can't have you getting skinny-"

"I ain't hungry" I snapped. Everyone fell silent and Natalie looked at me beginning to shake. I looked away furious at myself. "I need to be alone"

My mother nodded and guided Natalie out. "I've never heard him shout" Natalie whispered from outside.

"I think its the shame, dear" my mother replied.

"The shame?"

"Well... Ash hasn't been lost a fight ever" she whispered. "Not even when his father was in his abusive stage"

"Oh..." Natalie whispered trailing off. "He-He'll be okay right?"

"Of course, dear, just give him some space" 

The End

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