Ash Richards - The Hospital

I left Natalie to have a bath and told my mother to watch her before slipping out. This had to end. It had to. For Natalie's sake I needed to get rid of this jerk. 

I found him at a bar near to italian restaurant. When he saw me he smiled slowly. "Well, well, well" he said clicking his tongue annoyingly and absently gazing off to watch a barmaid walk by or should I say he watched her ass. I clenched my fists as he turned back to me. "Did little Natalie send her pathetic little knight to come tell me off?"

"Natalie doesn't know I'm here and I'm here to tell you to back off" I growled out feeling anger boil in my veins. I didn't really know what I was doing actually. I just wanted Natalie safe. I loved her.

"Like that gonna happen" Adam laughs and roars with laughter. He eyes me with his bulgy eyes and drunken grin.

"It's going to happen or I will involve the police" I threatened and Adam roared into laughter again clutching his stomach.

"As if Natalie would file a report. She loves me"

"I think you're a little thick in the head there. Natalie doesn't love you. She hates you. She's terrified of you. I'm the one who see loves"

Adam's face darkens. "Is that so?" he says slowly getting to his feet now completely sober. He strides over to me and looks me directly in the eye. "Want to repeat that for me?"

My head tells me not to but I don't listen. "Natalie loves me" I repeat and a moment later I feel a fist connect with my cheek. I tumble to the ground and a boot connects with my stomach. I cough and groan in pain blocking the next kick. I yank Adam onto the floor with me and straddle him beginning to punch the crap out of him.

Then his knee connects with my ground and I flop back seeing stars. I hear Adam stumble to his feet a moment before a heel connects with my face knocking out the light.


I woke up in hospital the next day to find Natalie in tears next to my bed and angry.

The End

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