Natalie Brooks - Doubting Once More

Adam's face continued to flicker in my mind's eye, causing waves of an oncoming panic attack to start washing over me with alarming effects. My heart beat increased, pounding furiously against my chest and I started to walk unusually faster, causing Ash to look down at me with worry.

His hand never left mine, squeezing my tight palm occasionally in an attempt to calm me down but nothing worked as flashbacks of my past experiences in an abusive relationship flickered through my head. 

Each strike...each blow had left me scarred and deprived of a normal teenage life. I spent almost each and every second next to any guy wondering if they had a malicious intent for me, just like Adam had. But with Ash, I didn't have to because what we shared was a love that provided solace for me. 

Yet...the sudden reappearance of Adam back into my life made me nervous. I did not question my feelings for Ash, but the physical part of the relationship that had sparked just a few hours back was in doubt.

We came to a stop in front of his house when Ash tugged me back as I'd continued walking on with no sense of direction. He gestured to the front door and we slowly made our way up the steps and in no time, both of us were inside and away from the one man I wanted to not ever see again. 

All I had to figure out was what to do about Ash. 

The End

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