Ash Richards - The Overwhelming Emotion

Natalie began getting a little.... twitchy after the film. So, I stepped back. I settled for tucking her under my arm as we walked through the streets of New York. 

"So, shall we go for lunch?" I whispers nuzzling her neck. Natalie tense slightly. I don't think she noticed but it still showed me that she was getting a little tense from the amount of physical attention. 

"I'd really enjoy that" she said going up on her tip toes to kiss me quickly on the lip. We stopped then and I ran my fingers through her hair. I wish I knew how to fix all her worries. Make her feel better in herself. I wanted to do everything for her and I wanted to express that somehow.

I leaned down and rest my forehead on hers. "What sort of place? Italian?" 

"That would be lovely" she blushed.

I span her in a circle by our clasped hand then tucked her back under my arm as we resumed heading down the pavement. I took her to the Italian place. It was beautiful inside.

"How may I help you?" a waitress said brightly. 

"Table for two" I told her she grinned and led us over to a little table in the corner of the room. We were given our menu's and I knew I was meant to deciding on what to eat but I couldn't. Natalie looked finally relaxed as she sat opposite me. I wanted to study everything about her all over again. Her familiar bright eyes and the way her hair fell forward over her face. 

I knew her now. I loved her not just cause we clicked but cause I knew her. "What are you having?" I whispered.

"Um, I think the spaghetti and meatballs" she told me looking up and meeting my eyes. She looked away after with a small smile while her cheeks flushed. "What about you?"

"I might have the same"

That was when the bell to door went. I glanced over automatically and froze. It was him. It was Adam.

"Natalie, we're leaving" I whispered.

"Why?" she asked confused. I was about to answer when she turned round and saw him. He also saw her bringing a dark smile to his lips. I grit my teeth as Natalie began to tremble. I got to my feet and held a hand out to Natalie. She took it and I tucked her up to my side protectively. 

I tried to march straight past him but he stopped him. "I'm sorry but I think you have my girl" he said slowly. Natalie tensed and was going to say something but I stopped her.

"She doesn't want to be with you" I said my voice low and deadly. "I think you should move. Don't want to start a fight and get locked up do we"

Adam grit his teeth and stepped out of my way. I dragged Natalie out there as quick as I could. She was very quiet though. All the way back to my house she didn't say a word but stayed tucked hidden up to my side. 

The End

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