Natalie Brooks - Excitement and Fear

Screams rang out inside me as Ash and I made ourselves comfortable in a secluded part of the movie theater. Shadows cast around us, blocking us from the rest of the audience (not that there were so many) who were crowded around the front rows.

What had gotten over me to suggest something so reckless? This wasn't Natalie Brooks, at least not the one I'd become after everything with Adam. This was the real me. The one that loved to have fun with her boyfriend, to sneak out at the darkest times of the night and just go all out crazy.

Ash's kiss seemed to stimulate something, it stirred that part of me back to life. And I truly did not know how long that would last. But while it did, I wanted Ash to see that part of me, know that I loved him deep inside - the real me. I owed him that much.

Grinning, he slipped his hand into mine, kissing me lightly on the cheek as he leaned over. An excited blush rose up in my cheek and I couldn't help but smile myself, turning my head so that his lips now met my own.

It was soft at first like water lapping against the surface of a calm beach. But then, thunder broke out, passions arising. One of my hands reached out to pull him closer to me, tugging on his shirt till there was no space between us.

You're giving him the power to hurt you.

No longer. I'm not listening to those voices now. I'm not listening to myself. Right now, I would enjoy this. And I would let Ash as well. Because, I could feel the overwhelming emotions start to seep back in.

I should make the best of it while it lasts.

The End

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