Ash Richards - Going Places

"Natalie..." I whisper. She looked at me with honest sad eyes and I knew. I just knew then that the only thing I could do was kiss her.

So I took her face in my hands and leant across the table to do just that. Her lips against mine cause a tingling sensation to run across my skin. Its like they were meant to touch. Every moment. Every breath we take when our lips part makes my pulse race.

Eventually I have to pull back with the table being an awkward barrier between us. I rub my thumb over her cheek gasping for breath just like her. "Well" I whisper. A blush runs across her cheek and she opens her mouth to speak. "Don't worry" I say quickly before she speaks. "I don't expect anything from you. I didn't even expect you to let me kiss you"

She bites her lip guilty and the flush stays on her cheek. "I was actually going to say that maybe we should go somewhere where its less awkward"

I blink then smile. "Really?"

She nods. I get up and hold out my hand. She takes it and I tug her to my side. I wrap my arm round her waist as we walk out holding the door for her. "Where shall we go?" I whisper into her ear after a while.

"Well, I hear seeing a movie is a good activity for couples" she says leaning into my side. 

"Hmm, yes with loads of darks corners"

Natalie stops. I turn and look at her. She bites her lip looking down. "I-I don't know how long this good mood will last" she says. A sigh escapes my lips and I turn to her tilting her face up.

"Natalie, I don't care how long it will last" he says. "We can take it slow. Don't worry. I'm not asking you to suddenly want to strip down and do the buisness" she blushes. "I just want to spend the moments with you that you give me"

"But you shouldn't be wary of me pulling back or away" she insists. "I should either go into this with no regrets or not at all"

"No, Natalie" I say. "I know what you've been through and I'm going to be here every step towards you getting confidence in yourself and a relationship"

Natalie blushed opening her mouth to speak but I didn't let her leaning in and kissing her. Nothing but the sound of our ragged breath and my pounding heart beat reaches my ears as we kiss.

The End

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