Ash Richards - Breakfast

I took Natalie to a lovely little cafe which in the mornings not only sold ridiculously good coffee but also freshly baked croissants. I watched at Natalie breathed it all in as we stepped into the place. The look of hunger that went over her face at the smell almost made me smile.

I slipped my hand into hers. She flinched at the touch but I didn't care not letting go. "Pick anything you want"

She bit her lip and I gesture towards the menu over the counter. She nodded and we stepped up. "A latte and a croissant with jam please" she said eagerly almost bouncing on her toes.

"I'll have a latte also and some toast with marmalade"

Natalie screwed her nose up at the mention of marmalade. "That stuff tastes vile to me" she mutters.

I laughed and leaned over to her. Closer. I took every chance I could get to do so. "I feel like that should be said at the mention of marmite, missy" I tease her watching the adorable blush that I have grown to love so much cover her cheeks.

She looked down and fiddled with the hems of her shirt with her free hand. She glanced quickly at the one I held. I couldn't let it go. Even if she was distancing herself a little didn't mean I couldn't pull her slowly back in. It didn't mean I couldn't teach her to trust again.

Our orders arrived and I was forced to release her hand to pay. I watch her tug it straight back into her and keep it there as I carried the tray over to a table by the window.

She took the seat up to the wall and I watched her as she drank her latte slowly. Couldn't she see how beautiful she was? Couldn't she see how much I cared?

The End

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