Ash Richards - Looks

I couldn't look at Natalie. Couldn't face her. It wasn't her fault but mine. I guess thats why I had slammed the door. I was feeling angry at myself. The look she gave me when I came back was confusing but made the guilt within me roar like a angry flame.

What was I doing? 

First this Adam turns up and ruins the forming bond between Natalie and I but now I'm ruining it. I shouldn't of left the house. When Mollie had called my name I should of just kept on walking. 

I guess that's why later I couldn't sleep. The guilt left me tossing and turning. I was being stupid. Idiotic. Natalie needed to know. I had to explain.

I got to my feet quickly not caring I only wore tracksuit bottoms and crossed the hallway slipping into her room. Natalie was curled away from the door and seemed to be sleeping.

I walked over slowly and she looked up. She didn't say anything and neither did I as I lay down on the bed opposite her. I didn't slide beneath the covers or make a move. All I did was lay quietly for a few minutes till Natalie rolled over to face me.

"I think we should go out tomorrow" I said slowly. "Maybe go and have breakfast. There's this lovely italian restaurant I know about. I could book us a table for the evening then we could go out and watch a movie"

"I-I'd like that" Natalie chokes out. I nod looking away from her and closing my eyes. Soon I could here Natalie's gentle breathing.

I looked over and couldn't help but reach out to run my fingers over her cheek as she slept. She was so beautiful but... fragile. She needed protecting. She needed me to protect her.

"I'll never let you go" I whispered to her sleeping form as I pulled my hand back before I feel asleep myself.

The End

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