Ash's Retreat

My heart was pounding against my chest in an anticipation that I didn’t want to feel. Why? Why was I so possessive over the thought of Ash meeting up with his ex? I didn’t have any reason to be. I mean: Ash loved me.

Yet the idea of him going back to Mollie kept burning in my head. She’s beautiful. She’s his ex-girlfriend. And maybe he still loves her.

Stop! Stop thinking that way!

Tears blurred my view and I bit down on my lip, trying to hold back the sobs that erupted in my chest. I was being such a child. Besides, Ash really deserved the best. And I wasn’t giving him that. That’s what really worried me. He could find the best in Mollie, the things I couldn’t give him.

Footsteps against the sidewalk caused me to rub my tears away, hands shaking. I looked up and saw Ash making his way to the house. He had a tight frown on his face and was muttering something inaudible under his breath. But I noticed something else. In his hand was a card. A card that my mind immediately pounced on believing belonged to his new girlfriend.

An involuntary sob escaped me and I slapped my hands over my mouth, trying to muffle the cry. But Ash had heard it. His gaze snapped upwards, meeting mine as his eyes pierced with confusion into my own.

It wasn’t concern that crossed his face next. It was regret. But without delaying another second, he opened the front door, stepping into the house. That was when I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. I was hoping that maybe he was coming to talk to me. But no…

A loud slam of the door. Of his door.

What have I done?

The End

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