Ash Richards - No Intention

I had no intention of visiting Mollie but as I past the Miller's old house I couldn't help but slow down and almost stop. I shook my head and kept walking though but that's when it came.


Her voice was as sweet as honey and stopped my in my tracks. I turned round and drew in a sharp breath. She had dyed her hair a deep auburn brown but her familiar green eyes looked over at me wide and shocked yet excited.

"Mollie..." I whisper the word falling off my lip. She shut her door quickly locking it before running over. She stopped a friendly distance away from me.

"Hey, Ash" she said and bit her lip. Her face was overcome with a painful expression. "I heard on the news about Stacey. I tried to call but-"

"I changed my number" I say sharply. Mollie nods gripping the strap her bag and looks down holding back tears.

"I wished you had called me" 

"I didn't want to disturb your studies" I shrug and begin walking again. 

"Ash, stop" Mollie says chasing after me. I stop and turn to face again meeting her confused eyes. "I missed you" she whispers slipping her hand into mine. I pull my arm away.

"I did to"

"Did?" she says hurt.

"I'm sorry, Mollie. I'm in love with someone else"

She nods hugging her stomach. "I understand" she chokes out. "It was 2 years" I nod. "Maybe we could catch up though" she tugs a card handing it to me. "Please call"

Then she walks off and down the street. I'm left confused and feeling a little guilty for getting my ex's number. 

The End

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