Natalie Brooks - Mollie?

Watching Ash leave the room caused a tidalwave of guilt to overcome me. I was feeling a pain past the point of tears so I couldn't express the grieft I felt inside but my conscience was scarred. Ash is a great guy, and he deserved better than a girl who kept him waiting for such a long time.

First, in Spain. Now, in his own home! I was being selfish. Yet he put up with me, because he said he loved me. And I know he does. But would I be able to love him as equally after all that had happened in my past?

Standing up, I crossed the room and sat down on the plastic fold-up chair on the balcony. Hugging my knees to my chest, I gazed over the city view that it provided, my mind wandering.

The world's such a big place, yet every time, Adam managed to find me no matter where I was. Not only did it feel me leaving scared but each move I made felt restricted. I feared him finding me...and doing all he'd done to me in the past over again.

But Ash would protect me. I knew he would. Because Ash loved me.

That was when I heard a voice. Ash's mom. "Ash, where you going?"

"Just for a walk," he muttered back in reply. I peeked, craning my neck forward and saw the two on the sidewalk.

"Alright," his mom answered, unsure. Just when he was about to break out into a walk, she reminded, "By the way, incase you're interested, Mollie's only a few blocks down. She has moved into the Miller's small house - remember where that is? So-"

The rest of the words ceased to be heard. Mollie. Isn't that...Ash's ex? He was going to visit her?

The End

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