Ash Richards - A Simple Touch

"Natalie" I breathe reaching out to stroke her cheek then quickly pulling back. I force all emotions on my face to neutral. I lock all all of them away like they don't exist and nod curtly. "Okay, if that's what you want" 

Natalie opens her mouth to speak but I shake my head and stand. "I am serious, Natalie. I will wait for you" I say then leave. 

The moment I reached my room though a tear feel from my eye then another and another till I dropped my head. Tears dropped to my bedroom floor in their hundreds and I just can't stop then. I crumple to the floor trying to reach for something to hold myself up.

Not again. Why do I have to lose everyone?

I know why though with Natalie. It's cause she needs time and patients but haven't I given her loads? Its all cause of him and his damn reapearance. I'd bash his skull if I could... If I had the violent quality it seemed he possessed towards Natalie.

No, I had learned to fight but it was only to protect. If I saw him again I would only fight to protect Natalie. I'd wait till he made the first move, the first swing or if he tried to touch her.

Defense. I was the barrier between Natalie and him, the flea bag.

I got to my feet and wiped the tears from my face before heading downstairs to the study. I was going to find places we could go. Where I could go with Natalie but my emotions... they'd remain locked up tight till she told me it was time.

I was gonna wait... or that's what I thought.

The End

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