Ash Richards - What's happened?

The next morning Natalie didn't come out of her lair till about 11. That's what I use to call Stacey's room when she didn't get up till about 1 o'clock the next day when she didn't have school.

I remember several mornings when I had to drag her out of bed and shove her into the shower. I remember the laughs that tumbled off my lips and the death glares Stacey had given me. Gosh, how I missed her. My heart ached painfully just thinking about her.

So when Natalie came skulking out her room I couldn't help but feel very upset. "Do you want some cereal?"

Natalie merely nodded. I didn't realise once I gave Natalie her cereal she'd skulk back up to bed again which is exactly what she did. I grit my teeth against the bubbling anger. I could see it on her face she was in pain. I wasn't enough to help her and she was struggling I could tell.

I glanced towards the phone then shook my head. I don't know what Natalie's reaction would be if I did call Them. I took a deep breath and walked upstairs slowly. I knocked lightly on the door before slipping in. Natalie was curled up on her bed having took small bites out of her cereal. 

I again held back my anger and walked over slowly. I sat on the bed and made Natalie look at me. "I'm going to help you" I whispered firmly. "I don't care if I have to wait years or follow you across continents"

Then I kissed her a soft delicate kiss I hope she wouldn't reject.

The End

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