Ash Richards - Think Back

"I just..." I stopped and turned away taking deep slow breaths. "You're making me worry about you, Natalie. I'm wondering if you need help"

She didn't answer and I grit my teeth. "I'm going to bed. Try and sleep" I continued. "We'll take it easy tomorrow instead of going out"

I turn and walk up to her. I pass my fingers over her cheek and she looks up at me with this blank gaze that makes my heart feel suddenly bruised. I swallow and lean down to brush my lips over her forehead before quickly walking out. I close the door and lean against it for several minutes.

What is happening to her? I feel like the Natalie I've grown to know is slipping through my fingers and its all because of him. I grit my teeth and resist the urge to hit the wall not wanting to frighten Natalie.

I don't wish her to be scared of me. I want us to get back to developing a relationship. We had begun to feel so close. Like with Mollie. Don't think of her.

As I reached my bed finally though. I couldn't help but think back.


"Ash! Ash!" I looked up just as Mollie's body collided into mine. I laughed freely and rested one arm round her waist. I used my free hand to tilt up her chin and lower my lips to hers. 

She lowered her feet down so she no longer stood on the balls of her feet but firmly on the ground. Her back arched a bit and the sigh her whole body seemed to give off was a blissful reaction. Eventually she pulled back though with a firm push of her hand against my chest. I felt a little deflated but Mollie just smiled with a tilt of her head.

"I got it"

"Got what?" I smiled.

"The offer" she clapped her hands together. "I'm going to College. I got the place, Ash"

The smile fell straight off my face as my whole world smashed to pieces around me.

The End

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