Ash Richards - Horrorfied

I paced in my room. Angry. That was how I felt because I had helped Natalie. I had brought her out of this shell she had enclosed herself in and now I felt her sinking back into it.

I was losing her and it angered me that this Adam guy could do this to her. I wanted to save her. To take her away to a place where is was only me and her. Where I could love her freely. I didn't want to worry about Stacey. I had begun to move on from that. I could not move away from my sister but her death didn't cling to me coldly.

Then Mollie.... She was back. Me and her had ended the day she told me she was moving to another state for college. It had taken 3 years to work up the guts to ask her out and we barely had 2 years together. 

I didn't want that to happened to me and Natalie. I didn't want her to be swept away from me before I even properly held her in my arms. 

I couldn't take the pacing no more and my worry about Natalie overwhelmed me heavily. I strode out of my room and into hers. What I found... was a horrifying sight.

Natalie looked up. A jerk of her head and a guilty look on her face. My eyes would not leave her wrist where jagged scars from a razor had cut into then. I grit my teeth and strode into the bathroom grabbing the first aid kit.

"Sit" I ordered her. Natalie did so in silence. I cleaned the wounds then began to bind them holding back the disgust that began to rise in me.

"Ash, stop. Its to tight" Natalie winced.

"Why, Natalie?" I snapped. "How could you be so stupid?"

She wouldn't look at me which angered me more. I got to my feet and began removing everything sharp from her room. Natalie didn't watch me. She sat on the bed with a hand over her bandaged wrist.

"Are you hungry?" I asked at the door having taken everything away. Natalie shook her head. "I will bring you something to sleep"

"Thank you" Natalie whispered as I left. I was glad my mother was asleep because by the time I was down stairs my anger was overloading me. I smashed at least three cups before finally getting some warm milk together.

I leant against the counter heavily and try to calm my breathing. How could she let someone do this to her? How could she hurt herself like that? 

The End

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