Natalie Brooks - Giving Into Temptation


My hands shook by my side as I waited for Ash to come back into the room. I could hear the sound of the water rushing down into the tub as he filled the bath for me. As calming as it sounded, it didn't ease the fear that grew inside of me as the realization of what had really gone down rang through my heart.

Adam was here. In New York.

The memory of the last time we'd seen each other flew through my head. It had been just another 'accidental' meeting at one of my friend's parties. I'd run into him and he'd forcedly taken me to a room, and...

Shuddering at the memory, tears wracked over my body. It was at this moment that Ash came back into the room. Seeing me sobbing silently, he immediately stepped forward but I pushed him away, shaking my head at him.

"You should leave."

The expressions that ran across his face were indescribable. Guilt, regret, and most of all fury. But his face was a blur as tears coated them, causing my vision to falter. Without a word, Ash left the room, slamming the door loudly on his way out.

Silently, I stood up, letting the tears stream down my cheeks as I entered the attached bathroom. Locking the door behind me, I looked at the tub, full to the brim with water and welcoming me in.

Turning to the cabinet in front of me, I opened it and rummaged through for some soap but my hand made contact against something a little more sharper.

A razor.

Taking it out, I stared at the edges of the small but dangerous metal in my hand. I needed release. And now I would have it.

The End

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