Ash Richards - Where has she gone?

When mum came up to tell me that Natalie had gone for a walk I was confused. I mean she went immediately after my mum decided to bring up Mollie.

So my first reaction was to go after her. I grabbed my coat pulling it on and grabbing my keys. I looked down the road left and right. "Damnit, which was would she go?" I wondered allowed.

With Mollie is was always left. Why was I still thinking about her? I thought to myself angry I had brought Mollie into trying to find Natalie. I went left anyway and found Natalie soon enough. There was a guy though leaning down towards her.

"Natalie!" I yell running towards her. The guy looked up and bolted. I reached Natalie and glared after the man before helping her up. "Are you okay?"

"He's here. He can't be here" she trembles falling into my arms and beginning to cry.

"Whose here, Natalie?" I whisper already knowing what she is going to say.

"Adam" she chokes out. I grit my teeth and tightens my arms round her. How could he be here? Of all the luck. Damn, now he knows she's here. "What are we going to do?" Natalie whispers clutching me. "I can't... I can't go back I can't"

"I'm not letting you go" I say firmly. "Lets get you back to the house" Natalie nods still shaking. We walk, almost leg it, back to the house and I take her straight up to her room. "I'll run you a bath"

Natalie doesn't answer me as I wander off to run her bath but as I'm away from her anger shoots through me. I punch the wall in my anger wincing when I pull back a grazed fist. I clean it off then go to find Natalie who briefly glances at my knuckles before wandering off to bathe.

I need to protect her... I have to....

The End

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