Ash Richards - The Idea of Family

"I'll wash up" I say standing up already beginning to gather up the dishes.

"Thank you, dear" my mother says smiling. I know she's already washed the pots and pans cause she has a habit of washing everything as she's cooking or when its able to be washed.

"Do you want help?" Natalie says beginning to rise but I shake my head smiling at her before leaving. 

I was onto the third plate before their conversation caught my attention. "And this-this is Stacey" my mother voice stuttered. Oh gosh, she'd gotten out the photos.

"She's beautiful" Natalie said kindly. I could almost sense her looking at my mother sympathetically. Then there's a cough and I know my mothers turning the page. 

"That's Ash in high school with.... Ash! Come tell me who this girl is" my mother yells. Laying down my plate I walk back through to the dining room finding my mother and Natalie gazing down at a photo album. Stepping up behind them I look down at the photo and tense.

"That's Mollie" I mutter.

"Oh yes, she was Ash's first girl friend. They were friends since they were in nappies" my mother says. I've already turned and walked off though but I still my mother next words. "She still live down the road. I think she's just moved back home after studying Literature in College"

Mollie's back in town.....

The End

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