Ash Richards - Fury

"I'm gonna kill that son of a b***h" I swore turning away and clenching my fists. I couldn't allow Natalie to see how angry I was. Gentle Natalie with bruises and scars even I woulc find painful.

"Ash..." Natalie whispered and I turned to look at her. She had closed her eyes and sat up burying her face in her hands. "Don't..."

I understand what she meant. I was getting so angry it was scaring her and it almost looked like she thought I was gonna take it out on her. "Oh Natalie" I whisper pulling her into my arms and passing my fingers through her hair. "You're safe here. No one will hurt you... I promise"

Despite my words she broke down in tears but I knew it wasn't cause of me but cause of her past. She had moved on but not moved past it. Had I?


I had left Natalie after a while to just settle in and calm down. I did say I would show her the city tomorrow though. I had already begun planing. I'd probably start with the more touristy areas before showing her my favourite spot.

It was about an hour later before my mother told me lunch was ready. I went to Natalie's room and knocked lightly on the door not knowing what welcoming to expect after what happened earlier.

The End

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