Natalie Brooks - Scarred

I couldn't a squeeze a word in edgewise this time either as I felt his lips come down on mine once again. I had a lot to tell him and thank him for, but I could tell that Ash didn't want to hear it now. Neither did I want to say it with the way he was kissing me.

I hadn't noticed before but Ash was a really, really good kisser. There would be no wrong in calling him a pro, in fact he was beyond that. Saying that I felt butterflies in my stomach would be much of an understatement. I felt butterflies ramming around, and totally shaking me up.

I felt weak standing there with him kissing me. Noticing this, Ash scooped me into his arms before taking me to the bed, continuing what he had for us in mind in a more comfortable way. But I wasn't ready.

I'd gotten over Adam, Ash had helped me with that. But to show him the scars that never faded away would be a big step forward. It would ruin things. But Ash was insisting, kissing his way down my neck as he tugged my t-shirt upwards.

"Ash..this..." I was breathless, my heart pounding like firecrackers bottled up, against my chest. He took this as a positive response and before I could resist, he'd pulled it off me. That was when I heard what I'd been trying to avoid for such a long time. The gasp.

Wincing, I moved away from under him, trying to cover up my abdomen and hips, the places where the brusies left permanent marks.

Ash was more than just shocked. His expression contorted into one of fury. I shut my eyes, trying to hold back the tears as I waited for his reaction.

The End

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