Ash Richards - Yes, Mother

I sighed heavy as I was forced to pull away. Trust my mum to appear just when.... just when... Oh gosh, Natalie had just actually kissed me. I mean yeah she has slapped me as well but she had kissed me! I looked at her amazed before turning to my mum and I got to see the cutest blush fall across her cheeks.

"Mum, this is-"

"Natalie" my mother interrupts. "Yes, I know. You've mentioned her name enough"

I groan as Natalie looks up at me then away blushing with a small smile on her lips. "Um, thank you for letting me stay here, Miss" Natalie stays lifting up her suitcase which I hadn't seen earlier.

"No problem" my mother smiles. "To be honest. I'm just happy that Ash has a chance to be happy"

I smile sheepishly. "Let me show you your room" I say to Natalie but as we pass my mother she stops me. I gesture to Natalie to go of ahead which she does and turn to face my mother. She has a serious look on her face and I know what she's going to say which is why I groan. "Don't do the talk. I'm 21, christ"

"Don't you bring our lord Christ into this" my mother scolds. "I just... I just want you to be careful"

"Yes, Mother" I say softly turning to the stairs. "And you know I don't believe anymore"

"I wish you would" my mother whispers a moment before I'm gone. I find Natalie waiting at the top of the stairs with a nervous smile on her face. I know she heard what my mother said to me and scratch the back of my head nervous.

"I'm 21 and still get the talk" I joke. Natalie laughs and I take her hand with a smile. "Over here" I say and lead her to her room. She looks around the nice cosy room with a smile then turns to face me.


I stop her words though stepping close and resuming the kiss that had been so rudely interrupted.

The End

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