Natalie Brooks - Apology Not Needed

I didn't know what surprised me more, the fact that I saw Ash was healthy and alive or the fact that he kissed me the moment he opened the door. I didn't even get a chance to look up as I felt a hand tilt my chin upwards and soft lips press down against mine. I wasn't even sure it was Ash and that's exactly why I pulled away immediately, resisting the urge to melt into that kiss.

Before I could stop myself, I slapped him hard across the cheek. That was certainly uncalled for. But my emotions were not.

"You think you can just leave me in Spain to fend for myself and then kiss me the next time you see me?" I snapped, sounding really irritated. The surface of my palm still stung but I ignored it as I glared up at him, putting all my effort into staying annoyed.

Ash on the other hand looked out right surprised. Well he should be. Without even waiting for an apology, I closed the distance between us, my arms going around his neck as I brought his lips down on mine again.

My tears of relief mingled in but I didn't care. I was just happy. To see him alive. To see him at all.

Well, that was exactly how I felt until I heard a voice say, "Well, well, well, certainly looks like you two are enjoying yourselves."

The End

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