Ash Richards - Welcome....

Laying in my bed as the sun squeezed in through the blinds I felt weird. Was it cause I knew Natalie wasn't in a room close by? Or was it cause I knew she was coming here? She wasn't only going to be staying in my home. She'd meet my mother! I mean we weren't officially going out, although I was hoping that to become the case, so it was a little weird for her to be coming to stay at the house in a way.

I missed her though so forcing myself to rise I made the decision that I should probably make up the spare room. Walking in I found something I really didn't expect. My mum was already there doing it for me. She had chosen the white sheets with cream flower patterns and has dust every piece of furniture. She looked up at me as I entered. "Oh, sorry. Did you wish to do this?" she says flustered. "I mean you've never brought a girl home since Karen or been with anyone since.... since...."

I saw the tears forming and walked over wrapping my arms round my mother tightly. "I know, mum" I whisper. "You can be excited as you like"

Pulling back she smiled up at me which is when the rattle of three knocks sounded. "Go on, I'll finish here" she says pushing me off. I smile and turn to race downstairs.

I swing open the door enthusiatically and at the sight of Natalie one my doorstep I can't help myself. I take her into my arms bringing my lips down on hers quickly.

Her reaction..... Not something I expected......

The End

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