New York Dream

Sequel to Summer Mirage by CrystalRose and Trish. :)

Natalie Brooks

The Big Apple. 

New York.

I was here!

The realization didn't hit me as it should have, I felt more exhausted than excited to be in one of the most famous cities in the world. But that didn't stop me from tailing down a cab as fast as I could and giving the driver the address to Ash's house.

All I wanted to do as per the moment was to see him, to make sure he was okay. And that was all my mind was set on as the taxi drove through the city traffic of the night. I wonder what his reaction would be once I got there.

Time didn't exist as my exhaustion took over for the journey there. It wasn't until I heard a hazy, almost distant voice of the driver call out to me did I realize I'd dozed off.

"Ma'am, we're here. Wake up ma'am."

His Southern accent was different from the Spanish tainted ones I'd been listening to over the past month and a half that I instantly woke up, blinking and looking around. The driver didn't look irritated but I could tell he just wanted his money so he could go back to picking up a few more customers.

Muttering a 'sorry', I hauled my small suitcase out of the car and onto the smooth tarmac of the sidewalk, handing out twenty bucks to the driver. He drove away, leaving me to stare at the entrance of the small house he'd parked right in front of.

So this was Ash's home. Taking a deep breath, I made my way up the stairs of the front porch and closer to the front door, dragging my suitcase behind me. Without thinking twice on what I was about to do, I knocked.

The End

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