New Technology Presentation

I've been exploring the vast possibilities that Protagonize has to offer students.

Technology is accessible:; free registration; login; create bio; start writing! 

Potential of this technology: Allow students to practice writing in various forms and for a variety of purpose, collaboration on writing works, peer reviews through ratings, ability to explore and browse other authors and works by searching categories that are sorted based on tags, which are required to insert.

**Imitation is highly effective for developing skills, so it's important that students be engrossed and exposed to a wide variety of writing forms and styles.**

Reasons for exploring the technology: I simply picked the technology from the collage of resources given to us on the Bloom's Taxonomy graphic. After exploring the website I was highly impressed by its capabilities. I'm always motivated to encourage collaboration, so this was a great website to familiarize myself with--and utilize! 


The End

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