Hi every1!!!

My nam is Futbolplayr an ppl col me dis coz i play da best futbol of any1 on dis meteor an my animal is snack bcuz i move on da futbol fild like a snack...u kno...very fost and slidery...lollzzz :D

My superpowr is i kill all magical thngs with my suprfuut. I kik very fast and da futbol go throught them an they kill dem. It is amazin :O

bt REM ONE THING PLZZ! dont kill me! dis happnd b4 to me in anthr rolplay were some1 kill me widout purmishion. I never tok to that authur again bcuz i hat him for killing me. anywy, my Futbolplayar is being superstrng so u cont kil him evn f u dun try nyway!

wee ll have fun and i wil mak it my life mishun to mak this on hot storis list!!!


The End

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