Hi. my name is fnygrl, not 2 B confuzed with Funny Girl, the Barbara Streisand movie, cuz that wud be a infringmunt of sumpin ot t'other. cn i join u on this roleplay, cuz i lik roleplays wer u dont hav 2 spel gud, or evn smel gd. i smel of rhutebegas, which is a gud smel 2 me, but not 2 everbody.

i wanta tel u how i got here. ther wuz a tormado, and my house twurled n wurld n ther wuz a witch ona brum, then i wuz comatoze fur awile, then i wke up on this meteor. my big blue panda cam wit me. his name iz blu. he cn flie if i eat rhtabegas. luckly i like rhutebegas. if we hav enemys he can fie up high then swupe down, an sit on the enmy, an sqwush him, or maybe sofocorate him.

I smel tacso. I like tacos, ony they cn ony have refried beens n lettuce, cus ise a vegimtarmian ur.. whutever

 I reely reely reely lik that id dont hav to use spelchek!

The End

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