Cute cute cute

Heya everyone! I said and everyone looked and stared because I just have cuteness coming out of my ears - truly. My power is being really really cute at all times and they could all tell this straight away because I was so cute.

My name is Elhana!!!! I said and this is my pet the cute bunny.

"How cute!" everyone said . "Awwwwww!"

I brushed back my golden hair and smiled, my cute blue eyes filled with love for the meteor and everyone on it. I was wearing a blue jacket with a diamante strip and a skirt that twirled around my legs. My bunny was wearing a tutu.

"My bunny can do manicures!!!!!" I said.

"But only when I eat spinach. But I hate it so she doesn't do it very ofetn!"

Kurro and everyone found some spinach - hidden in a bottle of tequila.

"So are we going to die or what?"


The End

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