Pepe Sucio/Cucaracha/Ability to create dopplegangers/Tequila/Hell N

Hola everybodys of the Meteor of the Damned. Me llamo Pepe Sucio and I have discover this estory and I would like that I to be in it. I don' have especial powers, so I can not be in all the other roleplaying estories like this one. But for thees one you say I don' need a power so that es why I come here.

I don' have a pet like a dog or a cat, porque all the dogs in México wants to bite me. But I do have a cucaracha what haves the ability to create dopplegangers, is this count?

It can really do it all of the time, not just when I eat a food, but I do always drink Tequila, so it can probably only happen when I drink Tequila. For thees reason I carry Tequila with me all of the time, just in case I need more cucarachas. I haves already 100 cucarachas with me in the Meteor of the Damned because they are making dopplegangers already since I ams drinking Tequila.

So, all the other persons in the Meteor, how es we going to get off thees meteor?

The End

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