The Yummification Factor

The light hit me like a thunderbolt, a choclota thunderbolt.  Instantly, rapidly, quickly, full-y I, Mallory Mallory of the former Maltese Meteor, was overwhelmed with a belly full of yoummy.

The light then lifted me up and up, very up and up, in a meteroric way, seperating me from the where I was to a whole new place.  But then, the mysterious light being cast from the Lightbringer Saber took me to what appeared to be the front door  of my house.  My house is 1212 Gumdrop Lane, or at least it was before I met the red-headed stranger from beyond the Moon Gate.

As the door creaked open creakily, I caught sight of the dinner table.  To my horror, the table was empty, no food, no food at all.  And my Yummy began to cry and then began to scream loudly, wildly, uncontrollably.

It was then that I got lost in the whirled of adverbs.  It was also the moment I came up the Fire-eyed Falcon from Freelander.  It hung upside over the table, appearing to check to see if there were Mexican blood running in my veins.  Because this Fire-eyed Falcon from Freelander got its strength from eating fire hot tacos.  It was those tacos that give the gift of fire-breething pharts.

This all took place in the past, soemwhere.




The End

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