"Hi" I said to everyone. "You can call me Kurro for short."

Kurropoiblackdeath don't tell anyone your name. It gives them power over your vampire powers.

Wolfguardian the Wolf Guardian, you worry too much. These people are we're here to colaberate with each other to get out of here. We can trust them.

"Does anyone else here hate vampires? Ha ha, I am a vampire hunter you know. I would never be a vampire."

Good job Kurropoiblackdeath, they will never suspect you.

"This is my pet wolf Wolfguardian. He shoots lasers from his hairs"

"I am not your pet barks Wolfguardian, for he is a noble beast and is does not follow Kurropoichartreusedeath's orders or anyones.

"I'm sorry Wolfguardian but they can't understand your barks because you're my Wolf Guardian not theres."

"Then why do we have to telepath to be secret?" barked Wolfguardian again.

Because your making me look weird, Wolfguardian! These are normal people who won't like me if I look weird!

"Want to be my friend?" Kurropoideathblack said to a girl.

The End

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