New Roleplay - Meteor of the Damned

Please read the instructions carefully. Remember about the Mexicans.

Hey guys!  OK.  So I hope you'll all join in on my new roleplay - it's a little different to shake things up a bit so try to follow them as closely as possible but remember were just here to have fun so don't get to messed about it if you screw up a little.

First of all in this story you can be anyone and anywhere you want to be.  Except you're trapped on a meteor that is the size of a living room and you have to get off by COLABERATING with your friends.

This meteor is special because just before you got there it got hit with a flying island which means some things.  First everyone has to be either a girl  -- or a boy, but you can't be both because that will ruin the ending.   I love you guys already! <3

I'm tired of everybody always having "gifts" so in this story, everyone has a magical animal and the magical animal has a gift.  But the thing is for the magical animal to use its gift the character has to eat special food.

 But the thing is if the animal is a mammal then the owner has to be a vegetarian so his food would be something like corn.  And if the animal is not a mammal then the human can eat whatever they want but can't speak the language of where their food comes from.

So, if let's say Mandy has an ostrich, named Mandy,  and the Mandys gift is heat ray eyes, then Mandy would have to eat escargot before Mandy can use his/her (animals can be both male and female btw) (FTW!) but then Mandy can't speak french either (right?)  Oh, if your guy is vegetarian, let's say no bacon bits until I hear back from the company!

OK, so I don't really want any mature stories in this cuz but lets say youre over 18, female and blonde then thats ok if you write something really nasty from first person.  Theres also the academy where you canpractive your special move - oh yeah - everyone has a special move to but when you write about it you have to write in your button combination.  We'll be using Xbox.

Example:  Charlie attacked the Flying Hydra with his spinning whirl leg kick ,
(X,X, Y+B,A,Y) but and you have to be honest because if when you're typing the comination, you make a typo, then your attack FAILED, and this is whats going to be so awrsome because there are rules for combat.

example:  Charlie attacked the Flying Hydra with his spiining whirl leg kick
(X,é,Y... but Charlie missed.

Then, you can be anyone, but no Mexicans ok, its just a thing I have, I mean if you're a Mexican author thATs okay, but just take it off your profile.  If you plan on killing another character you have to ask the other character but you have to it in the story.  So, let's say you're battling someone it would lok like this in your chapter:

Angel quickly shoved down two barbeque porkchops allowing Zacharia her porcupine to shoot all her quills at Jacob.  And then she ran over and yelled at his ear, "Jacob, you're about to die!  Would you like that?"

And then in <i>Jacob's<i> chapter, he can choose.  Like, he might say, "No, but YES, these quills have overtaken me before I could heat up my Big Bill's Beans and Rice campstyle garden grove dinner, and Luther, my tiger is not able to use his gift allowing him to kill anyone named Jacob!"

He said, "No" for suspense, but because he put YES in caps, that is code for the authors that he wanted to die.

If you have any questions, that's OK/

Oh when you name your chapters it should be like this:

NAME/ANIMAL/ANIMAL GIFT/FOOD/veg (y/n) and then the name of the chapter!


Have fun!  LOZ.  HUGZ. <3








The End

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