To get better at writing you must practice writing. This is my practice.

10/9/13 - Wednesday

I worry about small things. I'm trying to learn to not nit-pick my writing until I'm done writhing. (Especially with NaNoWriMo coming up).  It's all about the amount of words not the content. Well at least not until you're done. 

Just now I tried to go back and fix a small error but i just have to learn to try not to make them in the first place if i don't want to get annoyed with them being there. Which is impossible. Mistakes are bound to happen. 

I've known this ever since I was little. I realized that no matter how professional you seem to be perfecting is not possible so mistakes are made by the best. 

And so I havent really aspired to be  the best because I was just as good as them anyway. (back then thats how I seemed to see it)

Every writer goes through a self loathing of their writing. You created it but now you hate it. You think i didn't do it right I need to change it, or even I need to get rid of it entirely. but thats not the case. 

An art teacher once told me to always keep my art no matter how bad I thought it was because you never know who might look at it and see greatness. Writing is a form of art and the same thing applies. No matter how disgusted you are with your writing you need to keep it, to persist in writing, to practice, and ultimately to get better. You need to realize that writing is a skill and the only way you get better at a skill is with practice. With or without talent. With or without inspiration. With or without support.

You must persist.

This is kind of a brand new thing I'm starting to realize. 

Even if you're just writing in an endless sea of words. Seemingly crying into an empty void. You still never know who might hear you. You never know when someone will see the page that has your words.

The End

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