Athena: Maybe...

I got caught. he woke up when I tried to catch his tear. I was afraid he would be mad, but he said he needed a friend, and I know that I need one too.

the only human contact i have had in the last three years is with the scientists. and they were all stuck up men about twenty years older than me. I t is nice to be with some one my own age.

After he wakes up, and we get past the akward moment where he woke up to find me leaning over his bed, we start to talk. Not about the end of the world, or the current state of the world, post-apocaliptic. We talk about which classes we took and which were our favourites.

I name math and science. He says science and social studies. we start talking about anything and everything. I find myself luaghing at the things he says. Nothing feels akward anymore. It feels natural and happy.

We start talking and just smile and luagh. we are sitting right next to each other. I think about how close we are. I think about how easy it would be to grab his hand. it is only a few centimeters from my own, sitting on his leg.

But I dont want to scare him off. We seem to be conecting and I may never have another chance at love in this ruined world.

The End

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