Athena: Just Sleeping......

Luke had said he was going for shelter,but we were all alittle worried, since that was about five hours ago. so we went to search. I guess I got ahead of the others, since it felt good to walk and run and to use my muscles.

 "There you are! We've been looking for you for hours! We had thought some of the animals had gotten you or something!" I say as soon as I can make him out. I am so happy hes alive.

He tells me to go get the others and that he will show them where the house he found is. I send him a smile and nod. I dont think he saw the smile though. Maybe he didnt want to see it. or maybe it was because he was nearly asleep on his feet.

Slightly sad, I go get the others. I find them and tell them the message. They all look relieved and follow me to where Luke is sitting on the ground. He looks exhausted.

We follow him to the house, and it is perfect. A lot of stuff servived, when it shouldnt have. like the fridge and stove that still work. and the bed in one of the berooms. And the couches......

Then it all makes sense when Willow says,"You know, you shouldn't have done all this at once; what will we do if we need you before you have recovered all your strength?"

He shugs and mumbles something I cant make out. then his eyes get big like he remembered something important. He closes his eyes and scrunches up his face. then a chunk of rubble next to the doorfram turns into a metal door. But that was at the back of my mind when I saw Luke start to wobble.

I run forward, since the rest of them are trying to figure out how to get the door into the frame. I catch him just in time and find myself glad that I am not as weak as my body suggests. Since no one else realizes he is down, I pick him up carefully and take him to the bedroom. The one with a bed.

I push the covers over his sleeping form and watch the way his eyes move. He must be haveing a dream. I run my fingers over his cheek softly and know that I would never be so bold if I knew he wasnt all the way knocked out.

The End

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