Luke-A New Place to Stay

I filled my hands with as many supplies as I could, then moved out with everybody else. "Hey...I was just we go back to the place I found you guys or do we search around for a better place to stay?" I asked. 

"Let's go back to the basement for now, once we have stored all the equipment and food, then we can try to find a better place to live...after all we are quite a large group now," Athena suggested. I looked her way, she was really cute with her dirty-blonde hair, slim but sturdy frame, and beautiful blue-green eyes. 

I smiled at her, "Sounds good to me...anybody think we should do otherwise?" I asked. No body disagreed, so we headed back to the basement. When we got there I looked around, there was a broken chair, a fridge, and a stove/oven. other than that there wasn't much...not a lot of space either... I put down the food I had been carrying and carefully stacked it according to what it was. I watched as everyone else did the same, "I'm going out to see if there are any other survivors and/or find a better place to live...can't live here for very long it's way to small." I told them then left before anyone could comment.

It was about an hour before I found a burnt out building that looked pretty good. It had no roof and all the furniture had been ruined...but the walls were still standing, and it was big enough for all of us and then some, so I started to work. First I made a new roof, though it wasn't made of tile, I formed it out of one big piece of insulated ceramic. That had tired me out quite a bit, so I went to one of the bedrooms, made a bed, then promptly fell for a short nap. I woke up three hours later feeling much better so I commenced work again. I moved to the other bedrooms, making a bed in each one. Next I moved into the kitchen and made a new fridge and stove/oven. Now we could live here...before I left I made a few couches in the living room; then I made my way tiredly back to the basement. 

I met Athena about three quarters of the way there. I wouldn't have noticed her except that she ran up to me, "There you are! We've been looking for you for hours! We had thought some of the animals had gotten you or something!

I smiled sheepishly, "Sorry...I found a good house for us though..." I trailed off. I was absolutely exhausted I could fall asleep right here if I had thought it safe. "Go get the others Athena and tell them I found a spot for us, bring them here and I will take them to it," I told her.

Athena nodded and moved off to get the others. I sat down gratefully, it was so tempting to just lay my head down and, I had to stay awake to show the others the house...

They arrived fifteen minutes later and I got up with a quiet groan, "Alright follow me..." I told them, then began to shuffle off to the house I had remade. Wasn't done yet...had to turn the ash on the wall into a new coating of paint and then there was all the other furniture...that could wait though. 

We got there and everyone looked around with wonder. Willow however looked pointedly at me, "You know, you shouldn't have done all this at once; what will we do if we need you before you have recovered all your strength?" she asked.

I shrugged, "I don't know," I said tiredly.  Then it occurred to me, the door! There was no door! We needed a door to keep the creatures out! I pursed my lips...I didn't want to but I had to to keep us all safe. I moved up to the empty door frame I took a large piece of rubble and transformed it into a titanium door. I had just finished when everything started to go black...I had used a little to much power, "Time for a nap..." I whispered as I crumpled to the ground. 

The End

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