Jacob- expect the unexpected

We stepped into the room Athena was stood in fonrt of us all, We looked around and thats when I noticed some sort of mutated animals which were stronger than normal animanls were. I guess they must have been affected like we were. A dog began growl I had to cover my ears as everyone else did. 

The Mutated dog began to charge at us, I had to do do something I jumbed in front of Athena and shouted "Stop" I put my hands up I took control of its bodys and it stood still inches away from us. Everyone gasped thinking I was not going to be able to control it in time.

"Ok go ahead and get the food so I can keep control of them" I had to focus really hard to control this animal as it was trying to escape my mental hold on him. Beads of sweat were appearig on my head " I dont want to kill it"  I coulld sense people were debating on what to do.

Willow came and stood next to me "I know Jacob but the thing is its either you control until your to tired too and theywill  can kill us and we need to survive" her voice was calm and soothing she was right, we needed to survive.

I closed my eyes and felt the animal throught out  the body until I felt a hot pumping organ, I closed my powers round it. " I am sorry" I sqeazed it with my power, the animal let out a cry of agony before falling to the floor. I looked it sadly but knew it was all I could do.

Athena was lighting the lighter and then suddenly the flame was huge, the small again, she smiled with excitment as she was able to control the flame. She looked to like a girl her age should do full of life.

The monkey came running over screeching as it landed on the floor it was circled by the flames it looked to scared and didnt attempted to move. I looked at the others who seemed to be picking up the food. I went to joing and help them. once everyone arms were full. There was still A lot of food left. I flicked up my hands and made the rest float. I spun my hands making it all triwl togethor. and grinned as people laughed.

When we were walking back to where we all had I caught up with Xannya still making some of the food float in front of us. We needed as much food as possiable but I also like helping.

"you did well back there Jacob we could of been killed" she smiling up to me she seemed like a nice girl but I was sure I new her from some where.

"Thanks Erm I think we have met before, like before all this had happened" I said pointing to the ruble. The it clicked Xannya was an old pupil from the school I taught at.

"Oh I remeber you used to be my pupil" I said smiling remebering what it was like to teach, I laughed remebering the meetings we had in school debating what should happen to her.

" Oh Im sorry I cant remeber much about the past" she said looking down. I patted her on the shoulder.

"Well I can remeber many things you got up to at school maybe it might help you remeber" I said to her she turned smiling.

"Maybe" she said looked ahead. It was nice to realise there was someone I knoew fomr my past and it helped me have hope maybe Emily is still alive. Some where.

The End

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