Rena - Unexpected and unwelcome suprise

After watching Luke finally open the door I felt guilty. It had only just then dawned on me that I could have solved this problem quickly by slipping through the wood. I wasn't used to having a power, so to speak, and wasn't sure I'd even know how to use it when needed. After all, the first time had been luck, and everything since had been accidental. 

"Hey you opened it. What are you waiting for? Lets go in." Athena said, regarding Luke opening the door, moving towards it, when Xanya suddenly put out a hand. 

"There's something in there," she murmured, tilting her head to listen. 

"Of course there is, there's food," Jacob murmured, moving closer to the door himself. We were all conscious of the fact that we needed to supply ourselves before we could do anything else.

"Food doesn't move and I can hear things moving in there. Their quiet but I can hear them," Xanya murmured, before turning to Willow. "Can you pick up any thoughts? Maybe its one of the scientists. This building still seems to be in good form."

Willow frowned, narrowing her eyes a little. "The only thoughts I can hear are our own," she stated, shaking her head. "But just in case there is someone or something in there we should be prepared."

We all nodded, mentally preparing ourselves in case we had to use the strange things we could do. Athena frowned at the door. "Uh anyone got a pack of matches?" she asked, glancing towards us. "If we're going to be prepared, it might be an idea."

Everyone kind of rummaged through their pockets, when I suddenly pulled a lighter from mine. "I hope it uh work. It was belonged to..." I began, unable to complete the sentence as tears began to glisten in my eyes. It belonged to my best friend, and I had stolen it from her that fateful night when she had told us she was going to take up smoking again, seeing the world was ending and all. 

Willow reached over to me suddenly and put a hand on my shoulder, while passing the lighter to Athena. "It's alright Rena," she murmured softly.

The others glanced at me,then at the door, clearly impatient to be getting on with things. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. "Well if we're going to do this then we need to do this. We need that food. Luke's power is probably better spent on things other than just keeping us feed," I stated, though my voice lacked the confidence the words needed to inspire. Regardless, they still prompted Athena, who was closest to suddenly throw open the door.

Xanya had been right, there was something in there. Something very much alive, and something very much not human. Something that might once have been an animal, but was now glowing in an eerie green light. Behind it was another creature, what appeared to have once been a helper monkey. Only from the way it was gripping what was once the fridge door, I guessed it was now much stronger than your average helper monkey. And just in front of the food was a dog. It growled at us, and I could feel my ears screaming from the pain. It seemed its growls operated at a new kind of frequency, one that was very very painful to us.

We human survivors were not the only ones to have been changed. And these altered animals were standing between us and the food, and they did not look like they were going to let us get to it without a fight. 

With that the green animal suddenly gave a kind of yelp, and started running towards us, snarling a little as it ran. 

The End

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