"Adam." I whispered as everyone was sleeping. I knew he was still awake, as I could hear him thinking. He was wondering how much longer the knew survivor was going to take to make this machine to open the door. 

He sat up, and faced me. 

"Yeah?" He whispered back to me. 

"I can't sleep."  I told him. He was the person I was closest too. Him and Xannya. Maybe because they were the first two I had met, but maybe because Adam was the closest to my age and Xannya... Well Xannya needed looking after. She was young, yet she hadn't been allowed to be in so long. 

Adam got up, and came to sit next to me. We were sat on a half burnt sofa. 

"I don't know why it's taking so long. I mean, can't Rena go through things? Couldn't she just go through the door? Or what about Jacob? He could smash it to pieces." He whispered loudly. I shrugged.

"They probably haven't thought about it have they. This has been thrown on us. They need time to adjust to there powers. It's not second nature yet." 

We sat in a mutual silence, and after a while I slowly drifted off. My dreams were full of Louise. Her first birthday. Our first holiday. The last time I saw her. 

When I woke up, I noticed that I was snuggled up against Adam, who was snoring gently. Sitting up, I looked around. The new guy - what was his name? Luke? - was already awake, and was just standing up. He put his hand on the lock, and then it just melted away. 

I stared in amazement as he opened the door. 

"I'm so stupid,  it would have been so much easier if I had just done that in the first place"

I walked over to him, gently moving myself from Adam. 

"What did you actually do?" I asked Luke. 

"I made the lock turn to water." He told me. He stumbled a little, and I grabbed hold of him. 

"After last night, and now that, it's left me so weak." 

"Is that so? Well in that case, I'm not letting you change anything, unless it's desperately needed." I told him, sternly.

"Huh? Why?" He asked me, confused. 

"If it leaves you weak, then it's not worth it. Were going to need all the energy that we can get." I said back to him.

"Oh, your the one that can read minds aren't you." He said, standing up more straightly. 

"That I am, and I mean what I say. Your health is just as important as all ours, so I don't want to see you wasting it over nothing." He just nodded, and I got the impression he wasn't really listening.

"I'm not trying to be bossy, or lecture you Luke. I just don't want you to hurt yourself." I told him, patting him gently on the shoulder. 

Just then, I heard a disturbance behind us. People were getting up, stretching. Athena stood up, staring at the door.

"Hey you opened it. What are you waiting for? Lets go in." She said. 


The End

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