Luke: Getting in

"GREAT!" Athena  sighed, "Anyone have the key card?"

"Uh, I don't have a key card but I could make one...I think," I told her, "it would take me forever though, because I would have to make one of those hacking machines that finds the code first..." I trailed off.

Everyone looked at me, great I had made myself the center of attention, I really...dislike...being the center of attention, I'm weird that way. "I-I will also need to be able to concentrate, both of those are really complicated. I gave a little embarrassed smile.  Then I searched for a big piece of rubble, I had discovered last time that I can't create extra matter, if I can only change it, so if I want to build something big, then I need to start out with something that is either really dense, or really big.

I finally found a piece that was probably big enough and immediately got to work. I knew that I could create food and water for everyone here however, that would leave me tired and useless for the rest of the day, and I would eventually start to get weaker and weaker and be able to create less and less food. So I had to crack this's a good thing I payed attention in science and ICT class! People eventually got bored watching me slowly put together the machine and drifted off; everyone that is, except Athena. She stayed, thoroughly and completely interested in how I was putting it together. She was constantly asking questions about where I should connect this wire and that. Every once in a while she would even correct me when I made a logical mistake in the wire placement.

Eventually I started to get a little worn out, it took a lot more energy to make complicated things like wires and machines, than it did to make, say, water, or food.

"Alright, I'll have to finish this tomorrow, meanwhile I can make something to hold us all off till then." I went about gathering chunks of rubble and placing them on plates that I made. Then I called everyone to me, "Alright everyone! come on over, it's dinner time!" I called. Well, now everyone knew for sure that I am American I thought to myself with a grin, cause I sure didn't sound British!

When people had sat down they looked at their plates, "We're going to eat rubble?" one of them asked.

"Ah no, you get to eat whatever you want to eat! I'm going to go around and I'll turn each person's pile of rubble into a food of their choice; however, please don't pick something that has a huge amount of ingredients or is really complicated as it will not only take longer, but also drains more energy from me." I smiled at them, then went around changing their piles of rubble into food. By the time I was finished I collapsed, exhausted, into a nearby room and fell asleep, to tired to make anything to eat myself.

The next morning I got up around seven AM to start to get back to work on the machine. Just before I started to get back to work, it hit me. How could I have been so stupid?! I thought to myself. I slapped myself in the head, causing an echo back and forth across the hallway.

I went up to the door and put my hand on its surface, feeling for the lock. When I found it, I just morphed the lock into more water. As the water dribbled down the door I pushed it open. Exulting in my success, and cursing my stupidity at the same time, it would have been so much easier if I had just done that in the first place.

The End

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