Athena: How many people is that?

We decide to go to the hotel to get the food, if it is still there. I get pushed to thte front beacause I know where it is. As I push my head into the smoky air, I see a person standing there. He is tall and looks kind of surprised.

" Uh, hi. " He says.

I smile. " Hey Guys, There's another survivor up here!" I shout to the people below, who are probably wondering why  I stopped half way up the stairs.

We talk for a moment and he shows me the power the collision gave him. He can transform the rubble into water and a glass and I guess anything else. Just after we exchange names, People under me get anxious to leave the hole.

When Every body is out, I introduce Luke. Once everyone has said hello, we start walking to the once-on-fire-hotel.

We enter the glass doors to the lobby. It is so silent. I open the door to the stairs. I turn and see everybody pressing buttons for the elevator.

"Guys, there was just a collision. Even if the elevators DO work, it wont be that way once you all get in. You would have survived for nothing. Come on."

The dog is the first one up the stairs. I follow and hear grumblings behind me. They know I am right, but they dont have to like it. I just want to keep all of the survivors alive. Especially the new one, Luke. For his power of course...

When we get to the fifteenth floor, I open the heavy steel door. The door to the hotel room is locked.

"GREAT!" I sigh. "Anyone have the keycard?"

The End

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