So thirsty! I've been buried in this rubble for a long time, slowly digging my way to the surface. It seemed like there was an endless amount of rubble, all piled on top of me. I knew it was a bad idea to hide in the basement of an apartment building. I should have gone to the basement of my friends house. Might not have been buried there. I sure hope that I hope get out of here alive...without dieing of thirst first. I was so thirsty! I went to the empty container that had held the water that I had brought with me, picked it up, and tipped it over above my mouth; hoping that there would be a couple drops left.  Nope.

I crushed the container in my hands. "Can't it just turn into water?!" I thought.

Then, miraculously, it melted in my hands. I mean, it didn't get hot or anything, it just seemed to melt into a liquid. I smelled it, didn't smell bad...I lifted it to my mouth. I know plastic is bad for you, but I'm so thirsty...I stuck my tongue in it. It was water! I wasted no time in drinking all of it, not thinking about how it had come into existence, only that I finally had some more water, to quench my burning thirst.

Once I had gratefully drunk the last drop, I started to think about how that water had come into existence. That scared me, but also provided lots of possiblities. Then I had an idea, what if I could turn the rubble above me into water?

I carefully stood back from the hole I had been digging and concentrated on making the rubble into water. At first just a trickle of water started to run down from the hole in the ceiling, then it became a small stream, and finally it started to poor out so fast that the basement was flooded with about two feet of water. This whole trip to England had been a bad idea, now I don't even know whether all my friends back in the US are still alive.

When I tried to move over to the hole though I fell over. Apparently, changing the rubble into water had taken a lot out of me. I couldn't barely move. I dropped into the water, drinking my fill, then bringing my head back to the surface  I took a deep breath. Then settled down to wait for my energy to return.

Eventually I found I could walk again, so I went up to the hole and began to climb up to the surface. When I got up to the top I saw all the devastation. Was I the only survivor? I started looking around. Almost every building around was completely demolished. In the distance there was one building that hadn't been completely demolished, and that one was on fire. I started off toward it anyways, hoping that there might be some other survivors.

I am really weird in that I need to be around people, but I am really shy too. It makes life pretty hard, because I love meeting new people, but it's hard for me to get the courage to go up to them and start a conversation. I am also a very intense person, so I tend to scare off everyone before they get to know me. I would really love to have a girlfriend, but I am shy, and when a girl finally does come up to me and start to talk to me, I always chase them off with my intensity. I decided right then and there to try to be more moderate in my likes and dislikes.

That way, if there was a girl out there my age that was still alive, I wouldn't make her hate me. As I neared the burning building, the fire suddenly jumped off of it. I jumped back. Whoa! What just happened? I started to run toward the building that had just been on fire. As I was on my way there I saw a head pop up out of a pile of rubble. With pretty brown hair and a pair of blue eyes. I jumped back a little, "Uh, hi." I said.

"Hey guys! There's another survivor up here!" She shouted down below her.

I walked up to her, "There are more?" I asked her, incredibly happy that I wasn't the only one left on the planet.

"Oh yes, There are six of us, well seven now including you." She smiled at me, "you wouldn't happen to have any water on ya would you" she put in after. 

"Ah, no." As her face fell I put in, "but I can produce some if that is what you guys need."

At that she got really confused, "I thought you didn't have any?"

"I don't!" I exclaimed, picking up large piece of rock. She looked on in amazement as I turned the rock into water. Then I had an idea. What if I could make things into more than just water? I changed some of the water into a cup and handed it to the girl, "There you are," I told her.

As she drank I asked her, her name, "It's Athena," she told me, "what's yours?"

"I'm Luke," I told her.

"Hey Athena! Would you mind moving? We know you are having a nice conversation and all, but there are those of us who would like to get out into the open air again!" A male voice called from under Athena; she rolled her eyes and climbed out of the hole she had been in. Soon after her, followed a tall man, another girl, another man, two women, and a golden retriever.

"Luke," Athena said, pointing to me, "can turn the rubble into anything he wants!" She exclaimed.

The End

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