The new girl hugged me, it made me feel uncomfortable, becouse the person I wanted in my arms was my sweet Emily. But there was no chance she would have survived I just know it.

We all intuduced our selve and our newly powers, and found out there could be food. I stood up and looked down at them and coughed so I drawn there attention.
"Well the best way to get the food is organised how we are going to do this, the best is to set out groups we all have powers that can come in handy I have the power to lift things with my mand and destroy them" I smiled I looked to Willow "You can read minds so you can see if everyone is ok" she smiled I looked to Xannya "you scences seemed to be magnified so you can locate the food" she rolled her eyes.

"Jeesh Jacob you sound like a teacher trying to motivate his" I chuckled she didnt know how close she was.
"Xannya Jacob is a teacher well a teacher of art, thought he is only 21 its becouae he jumped a couple of years, sorry I read your mind I cant handle it yet" she smild wearily at me I thought "don't worry yourself about it" and her smile grew. and I carried on going and looked at Adam.

"Adam your inhanced memory can help us remeber where to go" he grinned proudly at me.  I looked at Athena.
"Athena you are a wise for your age but we will not use this against or drain you can control fire so if it gets in our way you can handel it" She blushed slightly and smiled. I looked to Rena and smiled.

 "Rena you can travel threw object this can help us to see where the food and water is" she beamed at me she looked so hapy to find people "I do not know why we were given these 'gifts' but I do not know how long they were last. I know that every one of us would rather be with people we love but Im sorry were stuck, and its better to stick togethor as a group. I suggest we go now and tackle the problems that lie ahead"

I looked at each face, every one had mixed feelings but all looked up to with respect, I didnt mean to pull the whole teacher role on but it comes naturally, and I knew at time like this. It was needed

Athena stood up "Ok I will lead the way I need all of you to concentrate we dont know what be out there I put the firsres out if Jacob could moce things out of the way" Every body was out side in a shot. I hated out here seeing the mess reminds me I had lost my world my Emily. Willow came up next to me.

"Dont be so down she could be alive" I nodded hoping it could be true. We all gathered around Athana as she explained the best way to get in

The End

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