Athena: Akward silences

A new girl runs down the stairs just as I am about to tell everyone about the science of it. She says her name is Rena and then she falls through a table. None of us were quite surre if we should bring up powers at this point in case it freaked her out even more. I don't think that was possible anymore.

We went around in a circle telling our names and powers, all the while munching on the bacon. At the end, there was an akward silence. I decided to fill it as I was before we were interupted.

"I know how this happened. I was working with some scientists on figuring out how this would effect life on this planet. We decided that there was a significant chance that all life would die. Only those in certen places would survive. There was also a slight chance that the meteor would evaporate in the earths atmosphere and it would only set fire to a very small area."

Everone just stared aty me.

"I warned them to up the alert, but they didn't want to cause mass chaos on the off chance that it would evapoate."

I know they could hear the distaste in my voice. Because they didn't want to look like idiots, the world is dead.

The silence is even thicker than before. I know, even without the ability to read their minds, that they are wondering what it could have been like.

"So. now we are stuck here without any water and barely any food." says Xyanna.

"Oh. Thats the good part. The hotel they were all staying in was on fire. I blew it off some how and now ity is safe. There is a stockpile of food in the basement. Food that can last through extreme heat and cold. I say we head there."

The End

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