Rena - Survivers

I was right, there were people down there. I reached the bottom of the stairs and broke out into tears at the sight of them. They were covered in bruises and dirt like I was, but at that moment I hadn't seen anything more beautiful. 

"Oh your alive, I'm not alone!" I cried, running over and hugging the closest one to me, who just happened to be a tall male. 

One of them asked my name, and I answered, moving over to her. ""Rena. I'm Rena. I thought it wasn't serious. I thought maybe a few burning houses, and maybe the odd accidental death. But out there its.. its.. its all gone." She pulled me into a hug at my words, before letting me go and looking at me.

"There's some food if you want it," she said, pointing in the direction of the bacon. I breathed I sigh of relief. I hadn't eaten since last night and I was starving.

"Just don't eat too much, because we have to make it go around," another man, Adam added. 

As I chewed on a piece of bacon, they began to introduce themselves to me. I knew I would have trouble remembering names at that very moment, I think my mind was still in a state of shock from everything that happened, but I tried my best to take the names in. 

They all looked around after that, as if there was a secret they weren't sure if they could tell me. Or maybe it was they weren't sure how to tell me. 

I was leaning against the remains of a table as I ate, when suddenly I wasn't leaning anymore. I could feel that weird tingling sensation in my skin, and suddenly I was falling, through the table until I was lying underneath it, the table still above it. 

"Uh, I guess you have a power too," someone, I think it was Xanya, stated, helping me out from underneath the table. 

I stood, hoping the ground beneath me was solid and would stay that way. "Power too? I was kinda hoping I had dreamed the first time I did that. Are you saying you guys are different somehow as well?" I asked, in shock.

It was Willow who answered. "Since the meteor we are. I'm beginning to think it changed something about us survivors. None of us were different before hand."

I nodded. "I was definitely more solid before it," I murmured, rubbing at my back. I think I had hit something when I landed after falling through the table. This thing could be hazardous to my health. 

"So what can everyone else do?" I asked suddenly, looking around. "And I guess I can't help but wonder, why us?"

The End

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